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An incredible cycling journey through some of the most beautiful places in Croatia. With various activities, domestic cuisine and mesmerizing landscapes we guarantee an exciting experience. You can choose from variety of our offers and find something just for yourself whether it is exploring the nature and culture of continental part of Dalmatia or cycling while enjoying the beautiful setting of Mediterranean islands. So, shall we?

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Don’t feel like driving on your vacation? We’ll do it for you!

Our experienced team can handle your transfer to any location you desire. Our new fully equipped, luxurious vehicles and our highly professional drivers guarantee safety, punctuality and comfort during your transfer. Our drivers are very communicative and they are experts in saving your time and money.

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Our experienced and educated team will guide you through some of the most intact natural settings in Croatia. With our own high-quality equipment and trained guides we can take you to different types of Dalmatian landscapes. You can choose a perfect trip from the variety of our offer.

Unique Places

Dalmatia is unique historical region of Croatia that stretches from River Zrmanja on the North to the Cape Oštro in the South.

It is characterized by specific diversity of the coast and islands with their beautiful hidden bays as well as expanses of the Dalmatian hinterland filled with rivers and lakes that lace beautiful mountains.

Superb Equipment

Bikes are our passion and our profession. Our technicians are taking care that you’ll get only the top quality equpment.

Interesting Routes

There is nothing better than getting on your bike and going on an adventure. We miss so much of our local surroundings when we are behind the wheel of a car, areas of beauty that we may pass with the blink of an eye and not realise their full potential.

New Friends


Our guests are the heart of our agency. Whatever you need and whenever you need it, simply ask.

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